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This is a little bit About Blondedy Ferdinand and this is her story !

Blondedy ferdinand was born and raised in Haiti. An unpredictably witty, charismatic intelligent and challenging person, she started her acting career at a school play when she was 8, where she fell in love with the arts. In 1998 she met Vladimir Thelisma, a director that offered her a role in a movie Psychopath, but the film never made it to the big screen. After college, she began to take her career more seriously, auditioned and accepted for a role in I Love You Anne as Linda in the year of 2002. This is where Blondedy found herself as an actress and a human being. She learned and grew as a person and also looked at the world in a different way.

Blondedy was then cast in Choix Final, where she was a supporting actress, helping her friend going through a bad break-up. After filming “Choix Final,” Blondedy was cast in an other independent films “La Victime” directed by Richard Senecal, in which she played as one of the co-actor’s girlfriends.


She starred in Tutu Demosthene's Haitian movie "Dancing In The Shadow of Love". she gained her popularity when she was only 16 years old, thanks to the leading role of Many film series where she starred together with miltiple other directors . Her appearance in the all 10 film series brought her various awards, worldwide fame and Despite the young age, Blonddedy Ferdinant has become very popular, and her career in the movie industry develops quite rapidly. During her relatively short career, she have earned several other major role on stage by the best Haitian Directors.whether in long Films,Commercials,Socials awareness, Events and many others.

" Feminism isn't about making women strong. Women are already strong. It's about changing the way the world perceives that ! " (  Quote from Blondedy Ferdinand)

Blondedy Ferdinand also stars in the following movies:

  • Sarah (2012), as Sarah

  • Inedit (2008), as Isabelle

  • La Famille Chabi (2007), as Matilda

  • Fabiola (2004), as Jessy

  • I Love You Anne (2003), as Linda

Blondedy Ferdinand’s Upcoming Projects:

  • Dancing in the Shadow of Love, as Ashley (in Post-Production), directed by Tutu Demosthene

  • Sarah 2, as Sarah (in Production), directed by Samuel Vincent

  • Untitled African Movie

Blondedy Ferdinand Reunited with her Second Mom at “Dancing in the Shadow of Love” Premiere

on August 5, 2015

It was an emotional night for Haitian actress Blondedy Ferdinand. For almost a decade the actress has been waiting to simply hug the woman she considers as her second mother and finally got to do that on last Sunday night at the premiere of the Tutu Demosthene-directed film “Dancing in the Shadow of Love.”


Blondedy told that the woman in the video is Jacqueline Morency, and she raised her for six years – from age 9 to 15.

 Watch the emotional video 

on September 14, 2014 Actress Blondedy Ferdinand confirmed that she has officially signed on for the sequel of Sarah. Sarah 2 will be directed by Samuel Vincent and produced by Benedict Lamartine. Production on the movie is set to begin later this month this month.

The terms of this deal were not revealed, so stay tuned for more info on Sarah #2. Read the announcement from Blondedy Ferdinand below.

" Bon kontra Pou fim Sara 2 ya fek fin siyin la fim nan ap komanse filme le 26 novembre mwen fek fin Chita pale ak Samuel Vincent E Benedict Lamartine fim nan sou pye Pou ou red.ESKEW PARE POU SAM WE KI PWAL PASE NAN FIM SA SEWOUSLY MWEN PÈ MIN LEUSANSYEL FOK FIM NAN FET POU NOU KA SATISFÈ FANATIK YO SIW PAKA TANN POU FIM SARA SOTI LIKE JAIME KOUNYA LA EPI SHARE PATAJE FOTO SA YO NOW "



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